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About the Game

Ukiyo is an anime-style MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) in which players can explore an open world while engaging in immersive quest lines and fast-paced combat. The game will introduce many features that players love in a traditional MMORPG, such as: diverse classes and skills, quests, party and guilds, dungeons, cosmetic customisation, pets, PVP and much more.


Ukiyo is a modern side scroller using 3D assets on a 2D backdrop to create a panoramic view of the environment. This preserves the immersive gameplay of a 3D world, despite many 2D elements. This approach eliminates many of the complications involved with technical resourcing and scalability in a standard 3D MMORPG, allowing fully immersive gameplay
Sakura Island
The image above depicts a sample scene from Sakura Island showing how the gameplay environment is viewed from the player’s perspective. The playable character and interactable objects (NPCs, monsters, item drops, etc) will be located on the midground layer, with the main camera following the character as it moves.