In Ukiyo, equipment is classified into five tiers based on rarity, with higher tiers offering better base stats.

  • Tier 1 - Common

  • Tier 2 - Uncommon

  • Tier 3 - Rare

  • Tier 4 - Epic

  • Tier 5 - Legendary

Most equipment in Ukiyo can be enhanced using power up stones. The success rate of an enhancement attempt depends on the item's tier (rarity) and its current enhancement level.

Token integration

Enhancing high-level equipment requires an upgrade fee, which can be paid using Ukiyo tokens. This serves as one of the key token utilities in the game, incentivising players to use their earned tokens to strengthen their characters. Players who do not upgrade their equipment will eventually reach a plateau, hindering their progress and limiting their access to late-game content.

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