Founder's pendant

The ultimate accessory

The Founder's pendant is Ukiyo's genesis item, which will provide holders with a plethora of rewards for being among the project's first and most exclusive investors. We will also create a governance model that will allow holders to receive progressive updates as well as make suggestions and vote on the project's direction.


  1. Legendary in-game item The pendant will be a Legendary in-game accessory with the highest tier stats, which will greatly boost the overall powers of a character.

  2. Project influence Holders will have an open communication channel with our core team, allowing them to influence the project’s direction in the development of a successful game.

  3. Whitelisted for all future NFT sales Holders will be whitelisted for any future NFT sale, including the Founder's avatar.

  4. Early access to the game The game's alpha release will be limited to Ukiyo Champions (OG members in our Discord community) and holders of the Founder's collection. This closed game phase will include all of the fundamental elements that we have planned for the game, as well as the play-to-earn mechanics. More details on early access are available in the Roadmap.

  5. Ukiyo token airdrop Following the initial coin offering of the Ukiyo token, holders will receive an airdrop on a periodic basis.

  6. Unique VFX Holders will be able to activate a special Founder’s pendant visual effect for their in-game character.

  7. Special gift box Players will receive a weekly in-game gift box for each Founder’s pendant that they own. A gift box is a consumable that can be redeemed to receive a random selection of items.

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