Our Vision

  • The present Web3 gaming space is still in its early phases of development, and there remains a large untapped market void for high-quality immersive games, particularly in the MMORPG genre. This industry gap, as well as our innate passion in MMORPGs, serve as our primary inspirations in developing Ukiyo.
  • We want to bring excitement, enjoyment and entertainment to the world of NFT gaming. This will be accomplished by incorporating all of the key aspects of a popular MMORPG. One of our primary goals is to design a beautiful game with high quality art, as we believe that there is nothing quite like the immersive experience of stepping into the realm of a visually stunning game.
  • We will aim to implement a highly sustainable play-to-earn economy that rewards players and investors alike. This will be achieved through the effective integration of blockchain elements into the core gameplay.
  • We are focusing on developing a community-driven project and soliciting feedback at every stage of our journey. This allows us to better connect our project with what the community wants.
Last modified 1yr ago