Ukiyo token

Note: We have temporarily omitted the token ticker/code to avoid scams. This is the primary token of the game, which will power most of our core blockchain integrations. The Ukiyo token will be the driving force behind the game's ecosystem, providing value and utility through its seamless integration into various aspects of the game. As the primary token, it will power most of our core blockchain features, creating a robust and engaging experience for players.

Sustainability and Token Economics

The Ukiyo token is designed with a focus on sustainability and long-term value creation within the game's ecosystem. Our approach revolves around ensuring a high utility and burn rate for the token, which is directly tied to its usage in the game's core features and progression systems. Players will need to actively engage with the game and make meaningful progress to earn significant amounts of Ukiyo tokens, which will be essential for continued advancement, as they are required for various in-game activities, upgrades, and purchases.

This creates a balanced ecosystem where players are incentivized to participate in the game, earn tokens, and then reinvest those tokens back into their characters' development and overall progress. The burning mechanism introduced through the utilization of tokens in various features acts as a deflationary force that helps to balance the natural inflation resulting from the issuance of new tokens. By aligning the interests of players and the ecosystem, we aim to create a robust and self-sustaining economy that benefits all stakeholders in the long run.


  1. Governance - The Ukiyo token offers its holders voting rights, allowing them to help shape the project's future by voting on key decisions and referendums.

  2. Payment - Main currency that powers the in-game NFT marketplace.

  3. Staking - Ukiyo will feature a unique staking system, allowing token holders to select from an array of different rewards. i) Ukiyo tokens - Traditional like-for-like staking. ii) Gold coins (In-game currency) - This allows investors or players with limited time to achieve good progress in-game. To avoid inflationary pressure from this method, there is a daily limit on the number of gold coins that can be awarded through staking. iii) Quests - There will be special quests with exclusive rewards which will require players to stake a certain number of tokens over a set length of time.

  4. Equipment enhancement - Depending on the tier and enhancement level, a certain amount of Ukiyo tokens may be required for equipment upgrades.

  5. Quest / challenge completion - Certain game objectives or challenges will necessitate the use of Ukiyo tokens to be completed.

  6. Gachapon (vending machine) - There will be a Gachapon category which requires tickets that can only be purchased using Ukiyo tokens.

  7. Guild creation - When forming a new guild, guild leaders are required to pay a creation fee in Ukiyo tokens.

  8. Pet breeding - Each breeding attempt requires Ukiyo tokens.

  9. Ukiyo store - Exclusive items (cosmetics, consumables, buffs, etc) will be available in the Ukiyo store that can only be purchased using Ukiyo tokens.

How to earn

  1. Completing quests and challenges

  2. Completing dungeons

  3. Completing achievements

  4. Defeating bosses

  5. Winning PvP matches

  6. Login / activity rewards

  7. Top placement in leaderboards

Please note that many of these mechanisms are subject to change and refinement as the game develops. The Ukiyo token will be strategically integrated into all the core features of the game, ensuring a strong purpose and use case within the ecosystem. As we progress through the development process, we will continuously assess and adapt these mechanisms to create the most engaging and sustainable experience for our players.

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