Quests and challenges

The main storyline in Ukiyo takes players through an immersive experience filled with various quests and challenges, providing a clear direction for those who wish to progress further. However, players are also free to explore the world at their own pace, discovering a multitude of optional side quests and challenges that offer interesting storylines and valuable rewards.

Types of quests / challenges

  • Main storyline quests

  • Party quests

  • Side quests

  • Obstacle challenges

  • Boss challenges

  • Dungeon challenges

Token Integration:

Quests and challenges in Ukiyo feature a bidirectional token integration, serving as the game's primary play-to-earn mechanisms and contributing significantly to the distribution of Ukiyo tokens.

Minting of tokens:

Throughout the game, numerous quests and challenges award players with a predetermined number of Ukiyo tokens upon completion, with the number of tokens varying based on the difficulty of the objectives.

Utility of tokens:

Ukiyo also features special tasks and challenges that offer exceptionally rare and exclusive rewards. Many of these objectives require players to burn a specific number of Ukiyo tokens as part of the completion criteria.

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