With the long-term vision of Ukiyo in mind, our development process prioritises gameplay elements that are critical to the game's overall concept. It is widely acknowledged that the time and resources required to develop a high-quality MMORPG present a significant barrier to entry.
As a result, we spent a significant amount of time and effort breaking down the development process for an MMORPG and identifying the components with the highest complexities and resourcing requirements. Through this triaging process, we are able to focus on the most essential features of the game that would enable our core concept, and allow us to create a highly enjoyable and playable alpha within a reasonable amount of time.
Our side-scrolling gameplay concept also enables a far more reasonable development timeline, as the absence of a third axis naturally prevents us from encountering technical challenges that only apply within a 3D space. The combination of 3D foreground objects with 2D background assets allows us to build a highly immersive and panoramic gameplay environment with attractive graphics, despite the fact that the game is played in 2D.

Stage 1: Ideation and initial development (Completed)

  • Project concept and ideation (Completed)
  • Determine game mechanics (Completed)
  • Artistic concept and direction (Completed)
  • Prototype development (Completed)
  • Initial concept art (Completed)

Stage 2: Project launch (In-progress)

  • Website launch (Completed)
  • Community growth (In-progress)
  • Collaboration and partnerships (In-progress)
  • Whitepaper release (Completed)
  • Founder's NFT sale - (Completed)
  • NFT training (In-wallet staking)
  • Ukiyo token offering

Stage 3: Game launch - early access

This is a closed alpha release of the game that will only be available to holders of the Ukiyo Founder's NFT and Discord members with the Ukiyo Champion role. Limiting the number of players at this stage allows us to prioritise and reward our early supporters whilst ensuring manageability of the game’s early state.
During this stage, the majority of the core features will be ready, and players will be able to begin earning and utilising tokens as the play-to-earn mechanics will be fully functional.
The game's alpha release date is based on the assumption that no major hurdles or problems arise during production. In addition, we will continue to analyse the feature set at each step and may reassign items to a different release if necessary.
Early access features:
  • Classes
  • Quests and challenges
  • Equipment
  • Dungeons
  • Achievements
  • Cosmetic customisation
  • Trading and marketplace
  • Party system
  • Guild system
  • Gachapon (vending machine)

Stage 4: Official launch and beyond

There is currently no set date for the official launch, as it will be highly dependent on the performance of our alpha release. Our main focus is to establish a solid foundation before expanding the game's features and making it available to the public.
We will progressively work on expanding all of the core in-game features and introducing new content to complement Ukiyo's open world concept and long-term vision.
  • Additional content - storyline, maps, areas, monsters, items, etc
  • Pet system
  • PvP