Considering Ukiyo's long-term vision, our development process prioritises critical gameplay elements. Acknowledging the significant time and resources required to develop a high-quality MMORPG, we have carefully analysed the development process to identify the most complex and resource-intensive components.

Through this triaging process, we focus on the essential features that enable our core concept, allowing us to create a highly enjoyable and playable alpha within a reasonable timeframe.

Stage 1: Ideation and initial development (Completed)

  • Project concept and ideation (Completed)

  • Determine game mechanics (Completed)

  • Artistic concept and direction (Completed)

  • Prototype development (Completed)

  • Initial concept art (Completed)

Stage 2: Project launch (In-progress)

  • Website launch (Completed)

  • Community growth (In-progress)

  • Collaboration and partnerships (In-progress)

  • Whitepaper release (Completed)

  • Founder's Pendant NFT sale (Completed)

  • Founder's avatar NFT sale

  • Ukiyo token offering

Stage 3: Game launch - early access

The closed alpha release will be available exclusively to Ukiyo Founder's NFT holders and Discord members with the Ukiyo Champion role. Limiting players during this stage allows us to prioritise and reward early supporters while ensuring manageability of the game's early state.

At this stage, most core features will be ready, and players can start earning and utilising tokens as the play-and-earn mechanics will be fully functional.

Stage 4: Official launch and beyond

The official launch date remains flexible, depending on the performance of our alpha release. Our primary focus is to establish a solid foundation before expanding game features and making it available to the public.

We will progressively work on expanding all core in-game features and introducing new content to complement Ukiyo's open-world concept and long-term vision.

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