Guild system

Guilds can be formed by players to establish larger alliances. Guilds provide a social atmosphere for players with similar aspirations to participate in more ambitious challenges like guild quests and boss encounters. Each guild will also have access to a shared bank and storage for funds and items needed for guild events. Guilds can be upgraded to increase member capacity and enable additional features such as logo customisation.

Token integration

The guild system incorporates token integration through the implementation of guild creation and upgrade fees. These fees are payable using Ukiyo tokens, serving as a sink for the token economy.

When players create a new guild, they must pay a one-time guild creation fee in Ukiyo tokens. This fee helps to regulate the number of guilds and ensures that players are committed to maintaining and growing their guilds.

As guilds progress and wish to expand their capabilities, they can pay guild upgrade fees using Ukiyo tokens. These upgrades can include increasing member capacity, unlocking additional features, or accessing exclusive guild content.

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