Founder's avatar

More than just a profile picture!
Founder's NFT
The Ukiyo Founder's avatar is a collection of 6,000 character portraits that deliver enticing utilities and benefits. Each NFT can be uploaded into the game and will provide the player with a one-of-a-kind cosmetic set based on its traits, which will then be layered on a character's equipment.
Cosmetic customisation is traditionally a core feature of MMORPGs, as they allow players to personalise their character based on their individual preferences. This differs from the more frequent utility of uploading NFTs into a metaverse, in which users are initially locked on to the base traits of their NFTs.
Our approach to combining cosmetic customisation in MMORPGs with character-based NFTs was to regard our character NFTs as cosmetics in and of themselves. When a player uploads their Founder's avatar into the game, they will receive a full cosmetic set with individual cosmetic pieces based on the NFT traits. They will then be able to layer their cosmetic set on top of their existing equipment, and they will be able to customise their character with additional cosmetic items.
For example, players will be able to keep their Founder's avatar's hair features while swapping out their attire for a different look. However, cosmetic sets from multiple Founder’s avatars will not be mixable as our aim is to ensure that each player that owns a Founder’s avatar will be able to design a one-of-a-kind character. The cosmetic pieces from the Founder's avatar collection are completely unique and will not be sold or issued separately in any way.

Training and Levelling (Staking)

The Founder's avatars have a levelling mechanism in place, with each NFT starting at level 1 and providing more substantial utility to holders as they level up through training. “Training” is a special staking feature that will be available to holders shortly after the reveal of the NFTs. These NFTs, like characters in a role-playing game, can gain XP and advance to the next level when they achieve the required threshold. More details on training and levelling will be released in the following weeks.

Tiered utility

Most of the utilities for holding a Founder’s avatar are tiered based on its level. The benefits that are provided are increasingly substantial as the NFT advances to a higher level.
  1. 1.
    Early access to the game (Non-tiered) The game's alpha release will be limited to Ukiyo Champions (OG members in our Discord community) and holders of the Founder's collection. This closed game phase will include all of the fundamental elements that we have planned for the game, as well as the play-to-earn mechanics. More details on early access are available in the Roadmap.
  2. 2.
    Ukiyo token airdrop Following the initial coin offering of the Ukiyo token, holders will receive an airdrop on a periodic basis. Tiered benefit: Larger amount of tokens received during the airdrop
  3. 3.
    Founder’s buff This is a special add-on buff that will boost a character’s abilities and can be stacked with any existing skill or potion. Tiered benefit: Higher stat boost
  4. 4.
    Unique VFX Holders will be able to activate a special Founder’s avatar visual effect for their in-game character. Tiered benefit: Access to more exclusive VFX
  5. 5.
    Special gift box Players will receive a weekly gift box for each Founder’s avatar that they own. A gift box is a consumable that can be redeemed to receive a random selection of items. Tiered benefit: Higher chance to receive a rare item

Minting Details

Total supply: 6,000 Minting date: TBA Minting price: TBA Whitelist / Public allocation: TBA