Founder's avatar

More than just a profile picture!

The Ukiyo Founder's avatar collection delivers enticing utilities and benefits through unique character portraits. Each NFT, when uploaded into the game, provides the player with a distinctive cosmetic set based on its traits, which can be layered on a character's equipment.

Cosmetic customisation, a core feature in MMORPGs, allows players to personalise their characters. This contrasts with the common utility of uploading NFTs into a metaverse, where users are initially restricted to the base traits of their NFTs.

We combined cosmetic customisation in MMORPGs with character-based NFTs by treating our NFTs as cosmetics. Upon uploading a Founder's avatar, players receive a full cosmetic set with pieces based on the NFT traits. They can layer this set on top of their existing equipment and further customise their character with additional cosmetics.


  1. Early access to the game The game's alpha release will be limited to Ukiyo Champions (OG Discord members) and Founder's collection holders. More details are available in the Roadmap.

  2. Ukiyo token airdrop Following the initial coin offering of the Ukiyo token, holders will receive an airdrop.

  3. Founder's buff A special add-on buff that boosts character abilities and stacks with existing skills or potions.

  4. Unique VFX Holders can activate a special Founder's avatar visual effect for their in-game character.

  5. Special gift box Players receive a weekly gift box for each Founder's avatar owned, redeemable for a random item selection.

Minting Details - TBA

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