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Our Team

Ukiyo is developed by a group of close friends and colleagues who have worked together on many projects in the Web2 space. We believe that team synergy is one of the most essential factors in building a successful project, and we take pride in the camaraderie that we share amongst ourselves.


Shaun Low - Founder
Shaun leads the entire team and is in charge of all key decision-making aspects of the project. He has a wide range of experience in the IT space, from leading a team of developers to working with global corporations to develop software integrations. Having a background in Computer Science and Finance, he enjoys dealing with numbers and is highly passionate about the GameFi space. Most notably, he is a huge MMORPG fan, having spent close to 20 years playing numerous games in this genre. Twitter / Linkedin Alan Khoo - Blockchain Lead
Alan is the wits behind the technical blockchain aspects of the project, and he is in charge of smart contract development. With a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, he is passionate in all aspects of logical and algorithmic problem solving. He has also produced a research paper on identifying music genres using machine learning and has vast expertise designing applications with AI capabilities. Linkedin Jason Ho - Tech Lead
Jason leads the software and game development aspects of the project. He has extensive experience developing full-stack apps from start to finish and is an expert in all aspects of the software development life cycle, in addition to having a Master's degree in Web Development. Linkedin Jasmyne Rica - Lead Artist
Jasmyne heads the design team and is responsible for the project's creative aspects and artistic direction. She has vast experience as a concept artist who creates visual representation that tells stories, usually for games, films or animation. She has worked on major productions such as MoominValley and has taken part in well-known art exhibitions. Instagram Kevin Khoo - Finance Manager Kevin oversees the budget planning for the project. He is also active in all financial matters, including the design of the project's tokenomics. Kevin holds a Master's degree in Finance and he enjoys doing fundamental analysis on various markets, including cryptocurrency. Linkedin Tom Booth - Head of Communications Tom is the silver tongue behind written content and community engagement as the head of communications. Tom has spent most of his professional career breaking down difficult concepts and products into easy to digest nuggets of information. Tom’s postgraduate qualifications in business, coupled with his financial services and tech background have placed him perfectly to disseminate the complexities of Web3 to the masses. Linkedin


Jaiden - Developer Linkedin Paul - Developer Linkedin Stephen - Developer Linkedin

Art and Music

Blue - Concept Artist Instagram Shun Ming - Concept Artist Artstation Shirlee - Digital Artist Jeremiah - Sound Artist Twitter / Youtube
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